10 Inspirational Quotes from the Pan African Weekend

The Panelists
Two Fridays ago I attended the Pan African Women’s Forum in Newyork. It was an amazing experience, hearing all these women talk about their various Entrepreneurial and Creative journeys. One person who really stood out was Mushiya Tshikuka, the Founder Runway Girls. She was witty, unapologetic while sharing useful nuggets with us.

Another person who wowed me was fellow Nigerian Doctor Wendy Osefo, a professor of Education at the John Hopkins University and a political commentator. By the time they reeled out her achievements, I was expecteding a middle aged woman but was surprised to see her waltz in.

Wendy Osefo( Left) and yours truly
So here are the top 10 quotes from the event. I hope they inspire you as much as they have, me.

When you have the opportunity to bring in someone that looks like you, you’d better! – Dr Wendy Osefo, Professor and Political Commentator 

No matter what happens in your life you can’t reach that crossroad and give up.’ Chiney Ogwumike WNBA Player

‘ Don’t miss the moments because you’re only you’re only young once.’- Chiney Ogwumike WNBA

‘ I build black, I build African but I sell to everyone.’ –Mushiya Tshikuka, Founder Runway Girls

‘Stop dreaming and start goaling; there’s a difference.’-Mushiya Tshikuka, , Founder Runway Girls

Big actions are sometimes small actions. It’s the little things that matter.’- Arbrima Erwiah , Co founder and President, Studio 189

‘ If it’s on your ass, it’s not an asset. Think about growing and protecting your wealth.’ —Uchente Emuleomo VP of Corporate Counsel, Prudential

‘ People don’t have to take you seriously; you just have to take yourself seriously.’ Adenah Adebayo CEO IHOP Franchise

If you live in America and you’ve got 99 problems like JayZ just brush it off.’-Uchente Emuleomo VP of Corporate Counsel, Prudential

‘ Failure is not an option.’-Dana Reed, Interim CEO , The African Centre


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