Fundraiser accounts and drop of Centres for flood Victims in Markurdi

This is Markurdi in Nigeria, not Texas
Today is the Beginning of my birthday month so I’m super excited. It’s not just because on the 24th I will be a year older( officially) but because on several Facebook posts, I see details on fundraising account details and drop off centres for Victims of the flood in Makurdi.
For close to two weeks the world has been agog with talks of the flood in Houston- Texas. Hashtags went up, ‘ pray for Texas’, Volunteers from Neighbouring cities dragged their boats and supplies to help victims : some had lost their lives, many their homes. Nigerians joined in: a hashtag, a word of encouragement. Then came low key reportage of a flood in Makurdi in Nigeria. Thousands had been displaced but news on it remained low key. 

Gradually, the posts started to come in: ‘ Why don’t we have a hashtag for Markurdi? This Facebook update did it for me:

It a good thing to stand in Solidarity with those facing disaster but when we have one of our own, we have to attend to them Wholly. It is good to pray but sometimes more is needed.

What Nigerians are learning from Texans

These are the thoughts I shared on my Facebook page yesterday:

One thing we can learn from Hurricane Harvey’s visit to Texas: when it affects one part of Nigeria, it affects all. We too need to set up distribution centres and fundraiser accounts for victims of the disasters we’ve seen in Makurdi👇🏾, Maiduguri, Kaduna, Lagos and any other part of the country i may have missed out on. We don’t always have to look to the government; this is one aspect we can control to an extent.

A friend posted account details by way of comment: 

Support Dr Kwen’s relief team

Kwen Daniel Terkumbur,GTBank 0116291920 Call: 08036651757,08099352687

Drop Off Centres

If you can, send a contribution through these accounts and drop off Centres. I will update other Centres as I find them.

Cheers to the weekend!


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