PVCd and pleased.

I finally got my Permanent Voters Card and feel very accomplished.

Now I can continue to talk about the Leader I want because the struggle to get that card? It was real.

It began at a Secondary School in Zone 2 Abuja in January. The school security guard told me they were yet to see any INEC official there. I was directed to the Central Business District- AMAC- to be precise. After I queued 2 times and didn’t get to the ‘ promised land’ I took a break from the PVC hunt.

I went back in February and was told to go back to Wuse- a secondary school in Zone three , this time. Letme be honest. I took one look at the crowd and didn’t bother. I just left.

Still, you know what they say: Fifth time is the Charm. And now I have my PVC, voting Centre, Candidate and everything all lined up.

Okay that isn’t quite true. I’m still shopping for Candidates.

I’ve just one vote but worth a lot.

Have you registered to vote?


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