Happy New Year and January 2020 Sessions

Happy New Year, You!

Great to see you made it to 2020!!! Thanks for stopping by especially since I know you’re mighty busy this start of the year.

All around the world , New Year resolutions are being tweaked, Plans are being worked out and parents are getting ready to send their kids back to school. Amidst all of these are the mild threats of war between the US and Iran and England’s Prince Harry and his young family, breaking the status quo with news of their impending departure to Canada. Shall we think of the gas explosion that killed some people in Kaduna here in Nigeria, just a few days ago or Boko Haram’s rather ungentle reminder in the North East , also days back?

No, my aim is not to give you world news in a few sentences. It is basically to pin point these things you probably know of but are not very conscious about or aware of . That is :

  1. There will be unrests, confusion and bad news over the next year. Over the next decade, it will get worse. How you handle your emotional health and reactions to and amidst them all is key.
  1. Changes are bound to happen but having a plan you can tweak to fit the times will put you well ahead of the game. Remember, your goal should be well formed but the strategies to achieve them should be fluid. Thoughts like this have kept Coca Cola strong through decades of wars and economic hardships.
  2. Know yourself and true desires and actively go after them independent of what people think. You only have yourself to answer to on your death bed. So when you plan for your life , plan to die empty with no regrets. Gosh , that has got to be the worst thing ever.

But here is the good news…

With my journaling class, you get to re-access long forgotten dreams because I will haunt it out of you…hahaha. Seriously though. We will dig stuff up and you yourself will start to remember long forgotten dreams. Then you will put your plan in motion- I will guide you with a series of questions, materials, prompts and then you will write you plans down. You see, we are not planning for 2020 or 2030 alone. Together, we will plan for a life time.

So help us God.😊


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