3 Tips for Journaling For Mental Health and Self Awareness

I was glad for the opportunity to share a few journaling tips with my fellow Public Relations practitioners on the Chartered Institute Of Public Relations UK (CIPR) blog. Check it out.

There are over 300 mental ailments in the world. And while certain countries are able to meetup with the high number of cases that require psychologists, some do not even have an adequate number of trained personnel to handle mental health cases.

Journaling – which is a form of writing done in the first person narrative – is being used by some as a form of first aid. I have been journaling since I was a child – more as a means of documenting my plans and activities. In the last three years however I realized that journaling does far much more than that.

Forms of Journaling

Sometime in 2017, I picked up a journal I kept when I was 18 and was startled to realise that many things I do today are as a result of things I’d written down as Plans years ago. I also found I was able to empty my very busy mind; it was calming for me and I resolved to do it more frequently. Now here’s a really great thing about Journaling- it can be done in a variety of ways: Artist,

Leonardo Da Vinci’s journal has a series of sketches and drawings that are believed to have been the foundation for his creativity. Singer Janet Jackson says she uses her music as a way of journaling.

Are you ready for the tips? Then click on this link to read the full post on the CIPR International Blog.


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