Celebrating Culture on World Photography Day

Somewhere in Taraba, Nigeria …

It’s World #photographyday and I have to take out time to celebrate one of my passions.

A picture they say is worth a thousand words and this photo that I took at a rice plant in #Wukari In #Taraba state reminds me of my trip there a couple of years back.

Our #multimedia crew arrived wukari one afternoon and was received by officials who had been working with a handful of indigenes , to empower the community through farming.

Anyways, we got down to introductions and they wanted to know who and where everyone was from. Our team lead told the officials that everyone was from South but I was their ‘sister’ from the North. I am somewhat culturally unbiased and saw no reason why being being from the North suddenly made us blood. Also there’s the tendency for everyone to think that all Northerners share the same culture so I told them the state I was from. .


A land of beauty. Of milk , Ginger and honey. Home to ancient cultures – where blacksmiths thrived and artisans moulded earth, burning them until they became timeless earthenware…

Like the Nok Terra-cotta.

The man and the woman looked at me and asked, ‘What Tribe?’ And so I told them.

That’s when I began to question everything. They looked at each other and laughed as though I’d called out my grandfather’s name. Or something.

‘Ham. Ham?’they echoed to each other before the man turned turned back to me .’

It appears you don’t really know your culture… Go and research your history!’ I tried to ask but they were insistent that I go on a ‘discovery Journey.’

‘You need to find out for yourself.’ He added.

And with that he drew out a long golden sword from it’s sheath. With both hands he lifted it above his head and brought it down with a force…


Okay, that last bit didn’t happen. But you see why that photo tells me a story- always. I am still trying to find out the correlation between the two cultures.

Happy photography Day to all PHOTOGRAPHERS! If you’ve ever taken a selfie and got it right, this includes you. 🥂 to us.


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