Seven years ago he died because he didn’t have the right support.

Comedian, Robin Williams spent years laughing on the outside but on the inside he was battling with a severe case of depression, which eventually led to him committing suicide☹️

Depression doesn’t always show up the way we think it does.

Not all depressed people cry out in public. Not all depressed people feel comfortable sharing their pains and their fears.

How then can we tell if someone next to us is depressed and needs help? By watching the signs ( See my story) but the truth is that some people hide it quite well unless you really know them.

How then do you support friends to ensure that they don’t fall through the cracks of depression?

Regular checks on them by picking up the phone to speak with them. There’s a lot you can hear in a person’s voice once we know them.

Mental Health Care specialists are great but sometimes close friends and support systems are the first contact a depressed person needs.

The message? Let’s be mindful of each other. Pick up your phone and call a friend today.

Thanks for attending my #Ted talk! 😉


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