Kickoff 2022 with my Selfcare Journal

This Digital 90 Day Selfcare journal that seeks to create and maintain new habits that help you focus on ‘Self’.

It also helps you plan for meetings and hangouts with colleagues, friends, family .

The 90 Day Self Care Journal helps you keep record of a whole quarter of the year with:

✅90 Day entries with writing prompts 

✅ Weekly Reviews &

✅Monthly Care Projections.

Proper Selfcare helps raise our mindfulness quotient, thereby leading to Mental Wellness and Mental health.

We are careful about our relationships.

We are careful about our physical health.

We are careful about our careers.

But how careful are we about our Mental health? 🤔🤔🤔

I know! Hence the Selfcare Journal. It will help you tie everything in. Get it here.

Yup! Lol

4 responses to “Kickoff 2022 with my Selfcare Journal”

  1. Great stuff


  2. Good luck as you launch your selfcare journal❣
    Don’t forget to visit our blog


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