Three mindsets to have when setting 2022 Goals.

Everyone is making Newyear resolutions now.

The thing is, they are no longer being called resolutions, they are now called goals. Yes, at some point there was lots of talk about resolutions never getting accomplished so the word got switched for goals.

Did you notice or is it just me?

That awkward moment when it occurs to you that you might be living in the twilight zone…

So anyway, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the word resolution or nothing that makes the word Goal more important ( there’s that bit in goaling though that comes with actionable steps and timelines do…).

What matters is that you work on them consistently. These 3 mindsets will help:

1. The smallest move is better than no move: Yes, even if this move involves working on your goal just 10 minutes each day, you are better off than those who don’t do anything at all.

2. Consistency is key: Showing up daily for that same 10 minutes is more beneficial to you in the long run than showing up for 5 hours then deserting your goals. A lot of people are paralyzed by a strong need for perfection. They don’t realise that by just showing up regularly, they are creating achievements that will materialize in the long run.

3. There are multiple ways of doing one thing: Know that new ways of doing things can give you good results. If one way fails you are bound to feel disappointed. Yes, so embrace the disappointment but don’t focus on it for too long. Get back up and try a new way and if you cannot, take a course that enables you to or find a mentor.


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