3 Ways to ace your goal of working with a Mentor

Most barriers we see are in our minds…

Yesterday, I wrote about get mentor to train you in the areas you find challenging.

I know you probably thought how do I reach out to Richard Branson, Dangote, SnoopDogg, Rihanna or Brad Pitt? ( Please feel free to insert your desired mentor’s name 🙂)

It may have been a valid thought about 30 years ago but not anymore. The world we live in is a global village and a lot of people are into remote work. Even in cases where people work from a physical office, meetings are now being held virtually so options to be trained by someone you admire are innumerable.

Well, you clicked on this because you are curious about how to get a mentor. Let’s jump right into it then…

1. Read their Books: Most people you would like to be mentored by are public figures, many of who have written books about their journey into success. A quick visit to their website or social media accounts will show you what books they have written or have been written about them and where you can get them. You can also run a Google search. And if you still cannot find a book about them , binge on articles written about them. Read about them and see how they think. What would you like to try?

2. Take Online Trainings or attend their Seminars: While you are checking out the online resources for books, you are likely to find information about their online trainings as well as their city tours. It’s always a great idea to register for them.

3. Ask and you may receive: If you are close enough to ask to be mentored by a celebrity, or someone you admire, ask. It’s as simple as that but slot of people are afraid of rejection but what’s the worse that could happen? A no but in most cases it is a very kind no but guess what? They will think about you for a day or two. And after that who knows what can happen?

Wyclef says it best…

Now, here is the thing about numbers One and Two. Once you’ve done them, it’s far easier to get to 3. People want to know why you want to be mentored by them and how much time you have spent studying them and their material. Which ever of these three ways you decide to start with, know that there are benefits to be had.


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