Not all Entertainment is a PR opportunity

These guys made my Social Media week with their dance video and yes, it was sad to hear rumours of them getting  sacked for dancing on duty  but it is understandable. 

Like everyone I saw a missed PR opportunity. So many things to be done with a trending song, young blood ( They don’t look like they are up to 20) and making the customer happy. I know a lot of people probably imagined a slogan in the lines of ‘ Here at Chicken Republic happiness starts from with in, its the only way we can truly make our customers happy.’ That sort of thing. And i agreed with the trending thoughts: these guys could be brand ambassadors, they were dancing while still working for goodness sakes’-so much room for collaboration between the artists of the song, the eatery and of course the dance machines...

That was at first.

In retrospect they were wearing uniforms belonging to a security firm. So although they are stationed at Chicken Republic , their employer is a security firm not the latter.

This totally changes the dynamic of things. An eatery ( Chicken Republic) is all about hospitality and entertainment and they’d like to make you happy. But a security firm? It’s about protection and safety. I mean, what arm robber or criminal is going to be scared by a few well coordinated dance steps? Hey, God! They are dancing o. Let’s run! Lol If I owned a security firm I’d like clients to know my staff is well trained and able de-escalate situations, deter violence , easily spot suspicious looking people and detonate a bomb or two while they are at it, if possible.

So no, Chicken Republic didn’t sack them , the security firm allegedly did. Allegedly because CR sent a statement addressing the issue. They say these guys were never sacked ( I suspect they actually were and then reinstated when everyone cried out; well done) but these two have been cautioned and will now be properly trained....not to dance:)

I wonder if they will stay on. If they decide to pursue the social media influencer lifestyle however they better have more than 3 dance routines up their sleeves because aside from a short attention span, the entertainment world craves variety.


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