How Writers are helping displaced people in the Ukraine

Writers across the world have come together to lend their words to the war in the Ukraine.

I joined this train after a fiend sent me an email on Tuesday. Here is the gist of it.

There is a 1 million word target and an initial £10,000 donation- now £20,000 to support the displaced citing the Ukraine. They need food, water and shelter now that their cities have been razed down with families not only separated and displaced.

IS £20,000 enough?

No it isn’t. It is better than nothing.

It will also encourage others to donate in their capacity as individuals and as groups.

Aren’t there similar causes I can support in Nigeria Africa?

I have but not in this capacity. This is different and I look at it as an opportunity to learn new ways of doing things.

Secondly, if I support them in this cause via my passion / experience as a Writer/Journalist/ Author then chances are we can leverage on this for future local causes.

If you are a Writer, Author or Journalist and would like to join this train, send me a DM. If you are not and would like to support this cause, kindly share to your stories!


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