External Happiness Gets Stale, eventually

People change locations. 
They change their image.
They change what they eat
They change jobs even but...

It’s only a matter of time before the euphoria of the new things start to get stale and unexciting. They think finding self or self discovery is an outward job but it is internal.

There is nothing wrong with making the external changes but first tweak the things within. Journaling helps with that : it’s a self assessment tool.


I had a chat with someone who was very unhappy. I never tell you want to do but present you with possible options so that you make your decision.

It s really important to me that you make your decision.

After everything was done, she decided to make some external changes ( which were good) but totally ignored the inner work. A few weeks later, the sadness showed up again but this time it was bordering depression.

Back to square one because she put the cart before the horse.

This week, my friend, try not to do that.

Good morning!🌺 🍵 🌺


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