Will Smith’s Oscars showdown

  Apparently all we have ever needed in our society was a slap.

And there we were over the years having dialogues, creating disciplinary committees, going for closed door sessions and writing exams when we could have simply made do with a slap; quick and more efficient.

Can’t find your wallet? Slap.
Money stolen from country’s treasury? Slap.
Someone joked about my wife? Slap
Some one whispered some insults in my ears? Slap
Fuel scarcity ? A slap
Someone stepped on my toes? Slap.

Age long methods of restraint , dialogue and caution have been useless and so perhaps it’s time to explore a little more violence and discard all that is proper behavior. It’s easy, accessible and knows no class.

‘ I wanna be a vessel for love.’ Will Smith says after his slap- punch was administered. He very likely planned the speech long before getting to last night’s event but it was all ruined. His words no longer synced with his actions and instead of making the world look at Chris ( though he did what everyone expects comedians to do) with disdain for mocking his wife’s bald head, he gave Chris the opportunity to look more forgivable.

Did you see how Chris recovered and went on to introduce the documentary segment? He may have been insensitive but that? That was impressive.

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