A PR Twist to Will Smith’s Oscar Resignation

Myriad of thoughts around this.

The first was he’s worked so hard for this and shouldn’t have resigned. That was before I realised that this is a very well thought out PR move.

Most of Malcolm Gladwell’s books are about people ‘loving the underdog’.

This has served Chris Rock in the last few days. There are more people on his side than not ( especially with old Will Smith ‘roast’ videos suddenly showing up on the net) and his tour tickets have multiplied in value. Death of Ego Tour tickets have seen a 641 % surge in value.

So Will is just trying to get some empathy and leverage on it. It’ll work too. You’re going to pity him and start to build arguments in his favour. The Academy board , which is saturated with his cronies can now tell the world that he has shown enough remorse so let bygones be just what they are supposed to be. You and the rest of the world would agree. I wonder if they got ‘ jiggy with it ‘ after they hatched a plan.

Either way, it’s a brilliant one! 👏🏾 #saynotoviolence

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