Gospel Singer Osinachi’s death and choosing a support system

Mrs Osinachi was known for her soulful gospel song renditions.

Nigerian Singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu’s death on Friday clouded the entire weekend. The ‘Ekwueme crooner was reportedly beaten to death by her husband.

Reports say Peter Nwachukwu stomped on her chest until blood clots formed, leading to her eventual collapse and hospital admission.She died shortly after.

That wasn’t the first time Peter was being violent. He’d been territorial about her ministry to the point of controlling her appearance fees and even demanding for her YouTube password. Another report says he once tied her up and asked her four children to beat her up.

Talk about mental and physical abuse!

Some of her friends have made comments in the aftermath, saying they were sworn to secrecy. That is weak. There were many things they could have done- it was obviously a matter of life and death. She needed a better support system.

Also, I heard she was afraid to leave her marriage because it might be blacklisted from further ministrations and by fellow church goers.They’d have more sympathy if she bore them cross’ of her marriage and prayed for a Change.

It is important for me to say that Christianity has never designed marriage to be the ‘cross’ you bear. There’s a lot of common sense in the bible. It is not for show.

Again, get a great support system and discuss what you expect from them in the face of abuse.When choosing your support system please ensure they are not weak. They need to realise that your cry for help needs action not mere hand holding sessions.

A victim of abuse doesn’t reason the way they normally would. They are somewhat ‘disabled’ at that point so a support system needs to be that safe haven; a gentle reminder of who they really are and the best moves to make.


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