Johnny Depp wins Defamation trial. What next, Amber Heard?

  Finally the Depp trial ends after 6 weeks and I will kind of miss it; it’s been riveting 🙈I must #confess.

But it just shows you how complex human beings can be and how much our associations and situations can mentally break us down to a pulp - within- while the world looks on thinking we are okay when we really are not.

What really stood out for me was Johnny Drop’s calm throughout the trial, the irritating barrage of questions from @amberheard’s team, the way he found time to show up ‘kind’ to those around him and in court or crack jokes at the stand even when his life was falling apart.

I observed some of his tools and will share in a later post.

I feel sorry for Amber Heard though. She’s about to experience a #darknightofthesoul that will be more than Johnny’s.

She’s lost goodwill, credibility, opportunities and owes her ex $13 million. Last I heard she’s got just 10 minutes to feature in @aquamanmovie 2 and with the 4.4 million signed online petition asking that she be replaced in the movie, chances are that she will be taken off the movie entirely.

I hope society recognizes that she needs #therapy and has been acting from a deep wound that likely happened in childhood. I hope the world goes easy on her and gives her another chance once she’s done inner work and wants to try again.

Congratulations to Johnny Depp. I have been a fan and like his versatility as actor. But after watching the trial, I appreciate what he stands for as a human being.

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