The Demystification of Stephen

The Demystification Of Stephen( 2016) is a collection of Short Stories. It features several characters coasting through 10 different stories but here’s the catch: most of the collection is about a man called Stephen Duru and the overriding question: How well do you know that person next to you?

The Story

A chance meeting with Stephen Duru could be the opportunity Christy, the Olowokeres and one wannabe artist need to make their dreams come true. Stephen is the quintessential 21st century gentlemen: well connected, rich and charming to all he meets. It is however surprising that no one seems to know Stephen’s background or who he really is.Following events that leave Christy shaken , she and her two friends set out to unveil this character- Stephen-and are shocked by what they discover…
It turns out there’s always a third side to every story and a good reason why people do the things they do.

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